Seaweed, Seasalt, Orange & Lemon Cold Process Soap

Seaweed, Seasalt, Orange & Lemon Cold Process Soap


Inspired by a warm day at a sunny seaside cove. Light sweet citrus aromas filling the air on a gentle sea breeze. A natural coloured bar with fine cut, pure, natural bladderwrack. Topped with vegan seasalt, seaweed mix that includes ( dulse, laver, sea lettuce ) Scented with fresh Lemon and sweet, organic Orange essential oil. The ultimate bathing experience in your very own rock pool.

  • Product Info

    Ingredients:Sodium Olivate ( Olive Oil), Sodium Cocoate ( Coconut Oil ), Sodium Shea Butterate ( Shea Butter), Fuchs Vesiculosus ( additive free, 100% natural Bladderwrack) Citrus Limonum ( Vegan Lemon Essential Oil) Palmaria palmata ( Vegan Dulse) Porphyria umbilicis ( Vegan Laver) Ulva lactuca ( Vegan Sea Lettuce) Seasalt*Limonene *Citral *Linalool (* naturally occurs in Essential Oils)

    Product Dimensions

    9x5 cm

    Product Weight

    100 g