Lemongrass & Ginger - 15 Tea Bags

Lemongrass & Ginger - 15 Tea Bags


A zesty Lemongrass and Ginger blend that provides a therapeutic cup of tea that pairs perfectly with a spoonful of honey.

The delicious zing of ginger blended in with lemongrass and liquorice is sure to refresh your palate at any time of the day. This smooth blend can be served hot, or chilled over ice, with a slice of lemon.

Made with Fairtrade & Organic Lemongrass, Ginger, Liquorice and Orange Peel that are produced in Thailand.

You get 15-teabags in these colourful tubes. The container is made of card paper, window material is recycled plastic and the tube itself can be upcycled!

  • Product Info

    HOW TO DRINK ME — a tea bag goes into a tea cup, brew for 3-5 minutes in 100° water according to your preferred strength.

    PACK SIZE — 15-teabags

    TEABAG MATERIAL — 100% plastic-free, compostable teabags made from cornstarch.

    PACKAGING MATERIAL — biodegradable plastic called NatureFlex™ made from wood pulp.