Benji Bear

Benji Bear


Benji is all about guilty pleasures, his ultimate guilty pleasure is trashy television and celebrity culture. He loves nothing more than unwinding with a show that’s so bad its good. As much as he enjoys high quality shows and documentaries, nothing beats a lighthearted show to get stuck into. He often finds himself shouting at his television and getting emotional over something he’s watched. The weirder the show the better. This means he has to hide his questionable taste from his friends or at least downplay how invested he is in the shows. At the end of the day nothing quite hits the spot like a totally trashy TV show even on a Friday night.

Our Benji Bear has been hand crafted in England using denim sourced from Italian mills. Inspired by the classic workwear piece, this bear is punctuated by its unique surface characteristic including unevenness and this creates an irregular authentic vintage look.

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    Height: 45cm