Hello there, how can I help you ?


Did you know, even cave men gifted, they too enjoyed the 'helpers high' !!


Civilisation and the animal kingdom have shown appreciation, affection and love for each other for centuries, by giving and receiving presents.

The joy it brings increases endorphins resulting in the helpers high!

We feel great for the person to have a memory now of our giving nature, we feel great that we have taken time to show them consideration.  


We can feel fabulous about that!!


During the pandemic, online shopping has been a source of comfort for many. It means that birthdays, special occasions and 'I miss you' gifts are still accessible, even if the recipient was not.


Christys gift shop would love to welcome you to our pages to assist in your gift giving joy!

As the country tentatively returns to an alternative normal, we can provide you with quality, hand crafted beautiful gifts for your friends and loved ones all wrapped in an eco consideration .

Please step inside....


With love 

Christy x

My Story

At Fifty One years young, I have chosen to start my own business! Yikes! 

This is a venture that I had not ever imagined. However, lockdown 2020 happened! 

I was made redundant from the Post Office in March anyway and as time went on I had no inclination to work for anyone else but myself. 


Christys Gift Shop online was born. 


We all love a browse of an online shop nowadays, for fun, inspiration and the perfect gift. 

My aim is now to provide all of you lovely lovely people with select and Eco conscious gift ideas for every occasion, or just because. 

With my many years experience at the Post Office you can rest assured that your gifts will arrive promptly and well packaged.

So relax, put your feet up and take a peek.